Overview of SourceAmerica

     SourceAmerica previously known as NISH is a non-profit agency based in the United States which supports other organizations providing employment opportunities for individuals who physical challenges.

Background info

     It was incorporated in 1974 as the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped before it was renamed the SourceAmerica in 2013. The organization was established by American federal government with the aim of supporting agencies such as the National Seals Society, Goodwill Industries International, the Arc of the United States, the American Congress of Community, and the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services to receive the government grants.

Recently, SourceAmerica was named as one of the two American nonprofits that will support other nonprofit organizations participating in the AbilityOne Program. The AbilityOne Program is aimed at providing employment opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities or blind. In this case, disabled persons can produce services and goods under federal contracts.


     SourceAmerica’s mission is to create limitless opportunities for visually impaired and other physically challenged individuals. They mobilize leaders to develop impactful policies as well as practices using data and research. It advocates for American businesses and organizations to reduce work-related barriers. This will be significant in increasing employment opportunities to hundreds of visually impaired Americans. The organization aims at connecting potential employers with peoples living with disabilities so that they can hire them.


     SourceAmerica consists over 1, 000 non-profit organizations that provide regulatory and legislative assistance, public relations and communications materials, and technical and engineering assistance, information technology support., as well as extensive professional training which is required for contract management. Currently, it has succeeded in providing employment opportunity to over fifty thousand disable Americans. Most of these individuals provide services the American government.


     SourceAmerica is headed by Steven Soroka who is the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer is guided by the board of directors consisting of about 21 members. All the six founding organizations have a permanent membership slot on the board of directors.

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